We wish to acknowledge the following Clans and Clansmen for their contribution to making the McPherson Scottish Festival their own. It would not have been possible to have as successful of a games as we have with out their support. Their dedication to sharing their Scottish heritage with our community is what makes the difference. Their camaraderie is what makes us all great.

Honored Host Clans of Years Past & Present

McIntyre -- 2012
Gail McIntyre
Arthur -- 2011
Nancy McArthur Cochner
MacLean -- 2010
Lottie Herod
Henderson -- 2009
Robert Henderson
Barclay -- 2000
Ralph L. Barclay
Donald / MacDonald -- 2004
Madge MacDonald/Peggy Baker
Donnachaidh -- 1998
Dean Robertson
Elliot Society, USA -- 2006
Janet E Elliott
Campbell -- 2002
Douglas Caddell
Little Society, N.A. -- 2008
John E Little
Fraser -- 1999
Thomas R. Fraser
MacLeod -- 2007
Tom MacLeod
MacPherson -- 1996, 2003
Gerald E. McPherson
Society of Scottish Clarks -- 2001
Larry R. Clark
Stewart -- 1997, 2005
Stewart C. Cummins

Honored Clansmen

Webb Clark - Clan Chairman McPherson Scottish Society

Roy Lee Elliott
Clan Elliot Society

Dick (Santa) Milne
The House of Gordon

Ron Embers - Vendor Chairman
McPherson Scottish Society

Ralph L. Barclay
Clan Barclay International

Stuart C. Cummins
Clan Stuart Society

Larry E. Williams - Treasurer
McPherson Scottish Society

John W. Ferrell - Chairman
McPherson Scottish Society

Judy McDiffett - Vendor Chair assistant
McPherson Scottish Festival

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